August 2016

Psalms of Summer Part 4 – The Lord Reigns

Psalm 93
Because God is king I will submit my life to his reign. 

July 2016

Psalms of Summer Part 3 – Live Like You Were Dying

Psalm 90
I will live each moment for God’s pleasure instead of my own. 

Psalms of Summer Part 2 – The LORD is my Shepherd

Psalm 23
I trust in God, my Shepherd, because he is all that I need. 

Psalms of Summer Part 1 – Come NOW is the Time to Worship

Psalm 96
Because the Lord reigns I will worship Him alone and call others to do the same. 

The Journey of Joseph Part 9 – An Unexpected Resolution

Genesis 47-50
No matter what happens in life I will trust in God’s unexpected providence. 

June 2016

The Journey of Joseph Part 8 – The Sweetness of Mercy

The Journey of Joseph Part 7 – Can People Really Change?

Genesis 43-44
My only hope for lasting change is to repent of sin and trust in Christ. 

The Journey of Joseph Part 6 – Unstoppable God

*Due to technical difficulties, there is no sermon audio this week. 
Genesis 42
Joseph’s royal encounter with his long lost brothers demonstrates God’s unstoppable plan for His creation and beckons me to submit to Him. 

The Journey of Joseph Part 5 – The Rise of Joseph

Genesis 41
The rise of Joseph reveals the mysterious wisdom of God and rekindles a heart of worship and obedience. 

May 2016

The Journey of Joseph Part 4 – All I Have to do is Dream

Genesis 40
Because God is with me I can actively trust that, no matter how dire my circumstances or deceptive my emotions, He is working for my good and His glory.