September 2015

The Gospel – Part 3

Romans 3:9-26
I am guilty of sin, can never earn God’s favor through my own merit, and can only trust in Christ’s righteousness for forgiveness.

The Gospel – Part 2

Psalm 8
God has crowned me with glory and honor that I might display His glory and honor.

The Gospel – Part 1

Exodus 34:1-8
Because God is righteous, I will worship Him alone.

August 2015

Psalms of Summer – Psalm 51

Psalm 51
When my heart is broken over sin I am moved to confession.

Psalms of Summer – Psalm 139

Psalm 139
I am blessed beyond measure.

Psalms of Summer – Psalm 73

Psalm 73
Worship awakens me to the reality of God’s exceeding goodness.

Psalms of Summer – Psalm 2

Psalm 2
It is foolish to pursue my own passions when God is sovereignly ruling the universe.

Psalms of Summer – Psalm 100

July 2015

Jonah Part 12 – Angry with God, Pt. 2

Jonah 4:6-11
I must submit to God’s sovereign right to mercy.

Jonah Part 11 – Angry with God

Jonah 4:1-5
We must repent of anger towards God and embrace His love.