August 2015

Psalms of Summer – Psalm 100

July 2015

Jonah Part 12 – Angry with God, Pt. 2

Jonah 4:6-11
I must submit to God’s sovereign right to mercy.

Jonah Part 11 – Angry with God

Jonah 4:1-5
We must repent of anger towards God and embrace His love.

Jonah Part 10 – Repent!

Jonah 3:5-10
If Jesus is my Savior, repentance in my lifestyle.

Jonah Part 9 – The Word of God

Jonah 3:1-5
Without the Word of God I am doomed.

June 2015

Jonah Part 8 – Salvation Belongs to Yahweh

Jonah 2:8-10
To find peace we must recognize and submit to God’s sovereignty.

Jonah Part 7 – This is How You Remind Me

Jonah Part 6 – Down Down Down

Jonah 1:17
Sin leads to death and there is no hope apart from Christ.

Jonah Part 5 – Stilling the Storm

Jonah 1:11-16
In the storms of life, we can trust our sovereign God.

May 2015

Jonah Part 4 – Why Do We Worship?

Jonah 1:7-10
God pursues man that man might worship God.