January 2013

The Gospel – Week 3 – Humanity

The Gospel – Week 2 – Humanity

The Gospel – Week 1 – God

God’s Vision for His Church

What does God have in store for Wellsboro Bible Church in 2013?  How can we measure the success of the church?  The answers are found in the Word of God and have implications both in the church and in our personal lives.

December 2012

The Names of Jesus :: Savior

The Names of Jesus :: Wonderful Counselor

We rarely make big decisions without first seeking counsel.  At times we seek the advice of a friend or a family member.  Other times, we consult books, online resources, or professionals.  Due to the large number of “counselors” who are willing to provide advice, it can be difficult to know who you can rely on.  As we study Scripture, we learn that there is one we can always trust.  As our wonderful counselor, Jesus is always the best source of counsel in every situation.

May 2012