The Gospel is the most important message in the history of the Universe. What you do with the Gospel determines your purpose in life, your joys and sorrows, and ultimately your eternity. In this 8-part series we unpack the glorious good news of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


October 2015

The Gospel – Part 8

Romans 6
My lifestyle is a reflection of my union with Christ.

The Gospel – Part 7

Philippians 3:7-14
A proper understanding of the Gospel compels me to abandon the world in favor of Christ.

The Gospel – Part 6

Acts 13:26-39
Through Christ’s resurrection I can be forgiven of sin and freed from condemnation.

The Gospel – Part 5

Romans 5:6-11
The life Jesus lived and the death He died is our only hope to gain right standing and a right relationship with the one and only righteous God.

September 2015

The Gospel – Part 4

John 1:1-18
Because He is God, Jesus is the essence and provider of life, light, and truth.

The Gospel – Part 3

Romans 3:9-26
I am guilty of sin, can never earn God’s favor through my own merit, and can only trust in Christ’s righteousness for forgiveness.

The Gospel – Part 2

Psalm 8
God has crowned me with glory and honor that I might display His glory and honor.

The Gospel – Part 1

Exodus 34:1-8
Because God is righteous, I will worship Him alone.

March 2013

The Gospel Part 8 – Response

February 2013

The Gospel Part 7 – Response