“Meaningless, meaningless!” Says the teacher, “Everything is meaningless!” Life can seem to be an endless series of repetition, boredom, and monotony. In the human experience we often wonder, is there any real meaning to life? Why am I here? In this series we explore the book of Ecclesiastes, written by the wisest man of ever lived, and in the end (spoiler alert) we find that everything matters.


January 2016

Ecclesiastes Part 10 – Ecclesiastes 12:8-14

Ecclesiastes 12:8-14
I can only find true meaning in life when I pursue a relationship with God.

Ecclesiastes Part 9 – Seasons in the Sun

Ecclesiastes 11:1-12:8
The shadow of death caution me to live with guts, gladness, and Godliness.

Ecclesiastes Part 8 – Wisdom in a Breath

Ecclesiastes 10
The effects of foolish living are devastating so I will live wisely.

December 2015

Ecclesiastes Part 7 – I Submit!

Ecclesiastes 8 and 9
I recognize the blessing of authority and joyfully submit for my good and God’s glory.

Ecclesiastes Part 6 – Cursed Blessings

Ecclesiastes 5:8 – 7:29
The blessings of life are a curse apart from God.

November 2015

Ecclesiastes Part 5 – What is Worship?

Ecclesiastes 5:1-7
When I fear God I take worship seriously.

Ecclesiastes Part 4 – Loneliness Under the Sun

Ecclesiastes 4
Knowing God is the ultimate cure for loneliness.

Ecclesiastes Part 3 – Should I Fear God?

Ecclesiastes 3
Each day, God graciously demonstrates His greatness that I might fear Him.

Ecclesiastes Part 2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Ecclesiastes 2
The purpose of my life is to be pleasing to God.

Ecclesiastes Part 1 – Vanity of Vanities

Ecclesiastes 1
Since God is the source of all meaning, apart from him my life is meaningless.