Formation Groups



You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus,
and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses
entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.
2 Timothy 2:2


What is a Formation Group?


A formation group is a missional community of 2-5 people intended to make and grow disciples.

A disciple is …
1. A learner of scripture
2. Pursing Christ
3. Producing fruit (Galatians 5:22)
4. Growing in the 4 spiritual values (devotion to GOD, obedience to His WORD, devotion to the CHURCH, engagement in God’s MISSION)
Most simply put, disciples are people who obey Jesus’ command to “follow me” and grow in the 4 values. The goal of formation groups is to make disciples who would make disciples in a small group setting.

Formation groups meet 2x per month and last 8-12 months.

They consist of 2-5 members who are committed to growing in the 4 values and making disciples. At the end of the term, formation groups may continue to meet or choose to multiply and birth new formation groups.

How do formation groups work?

There are two primary tools used in formation groups. These tools make the discipleship process more intentional, practical, and specific:

1. The Discipleship Roadmap

The Discipleship Roadmap is a working document meant to be filled out when the group begins meeting and revisited regularly. The purpose is to have access and accountability for the group by providing a way to measure the 4 values in a disciple’s life and how well he or she is growing in those values.

2. Formation group plans

The formation group plans include sections of books to discuss and scripture memory to be reviewed for each meeting. Each of the plans includes a specific theme for growing in Christ.
Regular meetings, however, cannot replace life-on-life discipleship. It’s critical for formation group members to be involved in each other’s lives and intentionally focused on holding each other accountably to walk in the 4 values.

What are the expectations of a formation group?


There are three expectations for those in a formation group. These expectations may be too high for many depending on the season of life and level of Christian maturity. However, there is a necessary level of commitment that must happen if growth and maturity are going to occur. These expectations include:

1. Commitment to make disciples in the future

The purpose of formation groups is to make disciples who will make disciples. We are looking for third, fourth, fifth, etc. generations of disciples.

2. Commitment to completing the agreed upon tasks

There are readings, Scripture passages to memorize, and specific tasks related to the Discipleship Roadmap that must be completed in an agreed upon timely manner.

3. Commitment to allow access and provide accountability

This is a vehicle intended to sharpen one another and be a catalyst for maturity. In order for that to happen, there needs to be honesty and accountability




Formation Group Plans

The following plans are themed for specific areas of growth in knowledge and Scripture memorization. Formation groups may choose to do any of these plans. There is no specific order in which to choose them. While some of the resources are deeper than others, none of the books involved are too difficult for the average layperson. Each is given a difficulty rating between 1-5 stars. For a group to be successful, each member must prioritize attending the meetings and commit to doing the reading and memorization.
The title of each plan links to its corresponding schedule. Each of the book images link to Amazon or Lifeway where you can purchase them. You can also download the Discipleship Roadmap here.


Walking Through Scripture 

It’s critical for all Christians, young or mature, to be regularly engaging in God’s Word. This study focuses exclusively on providing accountability for regular Bible reading and Scripture memorization. We recommend that each group member follow the same Bible reading plan to read through the entire Bible in a year. It is also helpful to take notes in your Bible as you read to discuss during group meetings. You may choose to follow the suggested reading schedule and memory plan or do you own study. It’s important, however, to meet at least twenty times over the course of a year,
The proposed plan is a 5-day per week reading schedule. You will also memorize 1 verse per each of the twenty meetings with this Scripture memory plan.

Men of the Word 

This study is geared to help men be leaders and godly examples.

Women of the Word

This 20 week study is for women to grow in the knowledge of God by studying His attributes and our purpose in imitating Him. 

Marriage Study 

This study focuses on strengthening the spiritual growth of married (or soon to be married) couples. They are both theological and intensely practical. This 16 week plan includes memorizing passages of scripture that speak of the roles and responsibilities of husbands and wives. We recommend two couples go through this together.

Disciples Path (The Journey- 2 year)

The Disciples Path is a unique discipleship program developed by Lifeway. Whether you are a new Christian or have been around for a while, these 4 volumes of 13 lessons each are an excellent resource for those committed to walking together in discipleship. From Lifeway’s website:

“The Disciples Path is a series of resources founded on Jesus’ model of discipleship. It was intentionally created to make disciples who make disciples. Through its design and structure, every session emphasizes four key attributes of the disciple’s path: progressive, relational, disciplined, and replicable.”

This resource also includes specific plans for Bible reading and personal study to supplement the group meetings. The group meets 57 times over the course of 2 years. However, participants may choose to do this weekly if they wish (which is how Lifeway designed it).


Disciples Path (Weekly Intensive)

This resource is an abridged version of the Disciples Path (The Journey). We recommend weekly meetings. There are 39 meetings total. Each of the books includes 5-6 lessons. This is an excellent resource for those new to the faith.

Growing in the Word

Many Christians are unfamiliar with God’s Word or may be intimidated by how vast it is. The purpose of this study is for a deeper, fuller understanding of how to know, interpret, and apply God’s Word in an attainable way for a lay person. We highly recommend you read through the entire Bible during this time. 

Growing in Knowledge

This study focuses on growing in the knowledge of God and theology. The fancy term to describe it is “systematic theology.” It will give you breadth in understanding the nature of God and help you gain precision in theology.  Learning more deeply about who God is also helps us to delight in him.

Growing in Holiness

This study focuses exclusively on how we grow in conformity to Jesus in the theological process called “sanctification.” These books motivate us to be holy by showing us how awesome and holy God is. This plan also includes memorizing the entire book of James.

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