Jesus Christ is the foundation of our faith. In Ephesians 4, He is referred to as the Church’s chief cornerstone, the very one who holds all things together.


Explore the Foundations of the Faith

The Foundations group is a 6 week course that exists to equip new Christians, and those still wondering about Jesus, with a deeper understanding of the gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a message that we can never become too familiar with. This group uses “Christianity Explained” as a curriculum, which is an in depth study into the gospel according to Mark, which is provided free of charge. This is a class driven by dialogue and questions, not merely a teacher student relationship. We look forward to delving deeper into the mystery of the gospel with you!


 Upcoming Classes

May 12- June 16
August 4- September 8
12pm @ Wellsboro High School
(Hospitality Suite)


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