After Horatio Spafford had lost his business to a fire, his son to pneumonia, and his four daughters to a horrific accident at sea, he penned the words to the classic hymn, It is Well with my Soul. But what gave him confidence to press on in the midst of such tragedy? How was he able to find contentment when others might say it looked like God had abandoned or even cursed him?
The answer lies in the book of Romans, the greatest letter ever written. No matter our circumstances, it is well because God has freed us from the shackles of sin, it is well because He has justified us through the power of his blood, and it is well because He has demonstrated his unfathomable love by nailing our sin to the cross and we bear it no more. The beauty and power of the gospel motivates us to live for Jesus in the face of any and every circumstance. In this series we walk through the incalculable survey of God’s truth in the book of Romans one verse at a time. 

September 2018

It is Well(Part 39)- 3 Reasons the Gospel Matters 16:25-27

It is Well(Part 38)- Beyond Superficial- Romans 16:1-23

It Is Well (Part 37) –Rescuing Ambition – Romans 15:14-33

It Is Well (Part 36) –The Power of Unity in Biblical Community – Romans 15:1-13

June 2018

It Is Well (Part 34) – Should Christians Judge Others? – Romans 14:1-12

It Is Well (Part 33) – What’s Love Got to Do With It?– Romans 13:8-14


May 2018

It Is Well (Part 31) – Real Love– Romans 12: 9 – 21

It Is Well (Part 30) – So What?– Romans 12: 1 –8

It Is Well (Part 29) – Behold Our God– Romans 11: 33 –36

It Is Well (Part 28) – Humble Obedience– Romans 11: 11 –32