Psalms of Summer is our once a year series of Psalms…during the summer

August 2019

Psalms of Summer- Hallelujah- Psalm 150

July 2019

Psalms of Summer- How to Have Abiding Joy- Psalm 100

Psalms of Summer- Must I Sing?- Psalm 98

Psalms of Summer- Psalm 133- True Unity

Psalms of Summer- Do You Know Him?- Psalm 139

June 2019

Psalms of Summer- Who Should Praise the Lord?- Psalm 148

August 2018

Psalms of Summer IV: Make a Joyful Noise! Psalm 98


Psalms of Summer IV: A Song for the Sabbath: Psalm 92


Psalms of Summer IV- How do I Know if my Faith is Real?- Psalm 119: 57 – 64


July 2018

Psalms of Summer IV- Revived From the Dust- Psalm 119: 25 – 32