May 2020

Psalms of Spring- God’s Word: What’s the Big Deal?- Psalm 119:169-176 – Tj Freeman

April 2020

Psalms of Spring- The Lord Reigns- Psalm 93 – Pastor Tj Freeman

The Day Death Died

Psalms of Spring- The Fruit Of True Repentance- Psalm 51

March 2020

Psalms of Spring- What Should I Be Doing?- Psalm 139

Who Will Save Us?- Is God Your Authority?- Judges 8:23-9:21

Who Will Save Us?- The Slow Fade of Sin- Judges 7:23-8:32

February 2020

Who Will Save Us?- Will God Deliver Me?- Judges 3:5-31

January 2020

Who Will Save Us?- The Weakness of Strength- Judges 3:5-31

Who Will Save Us- Is Compromise Killing You?- Judges 1:1-2:5