October 2019

The Gospel- What Dominates the Life of a Christian- Philippians 3:7-14

The Gospel- Christ is Risen- Acts 13:26-41

September 2019

The Gospel- What Has Jesus Come To Do?- Romans 5:6-11

The Gospel- Who Is Jesus- John 1:1-18

The Gospel- I’m Afraid I have Some Bad News- Romans 3:9-20

The Gospel- On the Glory of God and Man- Psalm 8

The Gospel- The One and Only Righteous God- Exodus 34:1-8


October 2015

The Gospel – Part 8

Romans 6 My lifestyle is a reflection of my union with Christ.

The Gospel – Part 7

Philippians 3:7-14 A proper understanding of the Gospel compels me to abandon the world in favor of Christ.

The Gospel – Part 6

Acts 13:26-39 Through Christ’s resurrection I can be forgiven of sin and freed from condemnation.